PRLB Q&A Series w/ Needham Broughton HS, (NC) senior defenseman Austin Rohweder ( Committed to…

What’s the best holiday gift you’ve ever gotten?

My dog

What position do you play?


Favorite Quote

Do what you love and love what you do.

What Made You Decide to Commit to this College/University?

I have a great relationship with Coach Crisco and I like the college location, curriculum and conference.

How would you describe the recruiting process?

It was a little overwhelming at first but once I visited the colleges and formed a relationship with the coaches ,it was pretty good.

What’s your favorite



What kind of sticks do you play with?

Warrior Evo 4

High School season Outlook?

Our team is very strong and we hope to try and win a state championship.

What do you want to major in?


What are your hobbies?

Working on my car, fishing and watching hockey.

What’s it like being a high school lacrosse player ?

It is. fun representing my school for four years and getting to play with your best friends.

Anybody you would like to Thank?

I definitely have to thank my parents and Coach Olive, Coach Raskevitz, Coach Chakey, Coach Gracey ,Coach Goldsmith and Coach Crisco

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